Privacy Policy

Ringwood Technology have a privacy policy which ensures that you, our customer and any information you may provide to us is subject to our privacy policy, which is valid as of 2011.

This policy is updated on a regular basis, the most recent date of which will be listed below.  We do recommend that you read our policy in detail which you will note has been most recently updated 22nd May 2012 to comply with EU Regulations in relation to the use of cookies – more details below.

Information we may collect

Email sign-up – email address, for the express purpose of e-marketing only.  Where you sign up to our mailing list, you will receive an additional opt-in email to confirm that you are happy to proceed.  This information is available to Ringwood Technology only and not to any third party.  All email correspondence from Ringwood Technology will include an opt-out / unsubscribe button, so you may be removed from our database at any time.  You may also send an express request to at any time, should you wish to request removal from our files.

Comments – on occasion we will offer the option for visitors to our blog and site to comment on pages and / or blog posts or articles.  Where we offer this option we will require your full name and email address.  This information will not be included on any marketing database or provided to any third party.  It will merely be kept on file should your comment be approved for inclusion on our blog / site.  All such comments are subject to approval by the site administrator.  Where a comment is found to be inappropriate in content (e.g. for the purpose of advertising or building links by a third party) or language, this may be removed by the site administrator.

Other information – where on occasion we offer a customer poll or survey, we will require an email address and name in order to participate in said poll or survey.  On such occasions we may ask for demographic information in order to obtain information for the purpose of the survey or poll in question. This information will not be retained for the purpose of e-marketing and will not be available to any third party.

What we do with information collected

We enable visitors to our site to sign up to our emarketing database in order to share with them information relating to the services we provide at Ringwood Technology , or on occasion complementary services that are available through partner companies that we feel may be of interest to you.

Customers who provide any information to Ringwood Technology may at any time request a copy of any personal information we may retain on file relating to them.

Cookies & Privacy

A cookie is a small piece of information sent from a website such as this to your browser which may then be used for storage on your computer.

The software that runs this site (WordPress) may transfer a temporary cookie to your computer so that it can keep track of what it’s doing and it may be deleted once you exit our site.

Cookies may be used in order to measure the popularity of blog posts, to track sharing of posts/pages/articles or to measure statistics on website activity.  This website uses Google Analytics for the purpose of measuring activity and although it may detect both new and repeat visitors, no information in relation to you as an individual is available.

Advertising or Affiliate links will generally use cookies in order to establish where on the web you came to our site from.  Such cookies are used where a payment system is in operation.

Cookies & your privacy

Any cookies used on this site do not contain any of your personal information.  Information collected is generalised and anonymous.

Cookies & software connected with this site

Although our website is powered by WordPress, we do avail of software add-ons or plugins in order to add functionality to our website.  Such plugins were created by a person or company and we cannot request permission from you in relation to their use of cookies as this is beyond our control.

Internal and external links

Throughout the course of our blog / site you will encounter a series of links.  Some of these links are internal and may take you to related articles or pages within our site that may be of interest to you based on pages / posts / articles you are reading.  On other occasions, links may take you to third party sites.  Such third party sites are provided as information resources that may be of interest or are relevant to the page / post / article you are reading.  Ringwood Technology provide these links in good faith and cannot accept any responsibility for activities or information once you leave our site, or for information that may be available once you click such links.

Social Media

Ringwood Technology are actively available through many social media platforms.  We offer visitors to our site the opportunity to share information on pages / posts / articles through a selected number of social media platforms.  We also offer links to our own presence on a selection which currently includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.  This information is available purely for convenience and we do not track or measure individual visitor activity in relation to such mediums.


We are currently offering a selection of ads on our website – Kashflow (Accounting Software) and Elegant Themes (WordPress), both of which we use at Ringwood Technology and are happy to recommend to our customers.  We are however in no way responsible for activity once you have clicked through to a third party site.

Site information

All information provided on this site via pages / posts / articles is copyright of Ringwood Technology , the authors of such information.  It is available for sharing, but will require an attribution to Ringwood Technology or its social media platforms.  All images provided are either copyright of Ringwood Technology or have been purchased from a stock photography site for use on our site only.  As a result these images are not available for duplication or reproduction.


Ringwood Technology have endeavoured to put in place all reasonable security for all information held electronically and obtained via our website,

Updates to our policy

Our privacy policy was initiated January 2011, and updated 5th November 2011.


All queries in relation to this privacy policy can be addressed by contacting the owner, Barry Ringwood at 0872772652 or by emailing