Laptop & PC



Let’s face it, who doesn’t NEED a computer in this day and age?  We’ve all come to rely on the trusty computer for everything from taking care of business to catching up with your friends via the web, booking your holidays or simply arranging your groceries – we’d be lost without one?

Like fashion, laptops and computers are updated on a frequent basis.  However, realising you need (or want) one – or indeed a new one – is only half the battle, we’re here to guide you through the maze, with such queries as;

– Do I need to replace it or can we repair it?

– How many RAMS do I need?

– What’s the best operating system?

– What software do I need for accounts in my small business?

– What exactly is a processor?

– Do I need a printer, scanner, webcam, speakers or any other accessories?

– How do I protect it from virus attacks?

– Can I control what my children or employees access on the web?

– Which brand should I choose?

– What can I afford?

– How do I use it?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of queries, particularly amongst those new to the joys of the internet or those with children who are particularly adept at getting to grips with new technologies!  We’ve had many customers overwhelmed by an enthusiastic salesperson at a computer salesroom, with an eye to the commission rather than the user requirements, come to us for advice to find out that we can offer all of the major brands, or more cost effective solutions, that ultimately leave them in the driving seat.

Trust Ringwood Technology for all of your home PC & laptop sales, repair & servicing.  And get in touch with Barry at 087-2772652 or email if you’d like to discuss your needs in this area.