Laptops & Pcs

Ringwood Technology can provide a range of cost effective and major brand name laptops and personal computers, in addition to providing a repair or service programme for existing users.

Personal Computers;

Ever popular, the desk PC has come a long way in the past few years.  Sleek screens, in-built speakser, wireless keyboard/mouse, discreet base or printer – and that’s just the basic model!  Some customers will simply require access to the web and an operating system that enables them to send out a letter or take care of the accounts.  Others will require a more sophisticated model for specialised design software for example.

Ringwood Technology will assess your requirements and tailor-make the best package for you so that you aren’t left with fancy bells and whistles that won’t ultimately impact favourably on your bottom line.  In some situations where you’re considering an upgrade, a simple service can have you up and running for little more than the cost of a night out.


Once predominantly popular with the mobile business person, laptops are enjoying enormous popularity among home as well as office users.  Improved technology and broadband access has given the user the means to check-in to the office network no matter whether they may be in the world or log in to your desktop to retrieve that all important presentation.

However, with mobility comes risk so we can also advise on the most suitable back-up programmes should the worst happen and the laptop go missing.

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