The Microsoft Service Centre Scam

If you haven’t been the lucky recipient of one of these calls yet, this is how it works;

  • You get a call from ‘The Microsoft Service Centre’
  • Your system is sending out a signal that there’s a problem with it
  • Your system may also have become infected with a virus
  • The very helpful person on the phone is happy to resolve the problem you didn’t know you had for you
  • You’re asked to log on to a specific website in order to download a ‘fix’
  • They may even offer to log in to your computer and do it for you, such helpful people that they are
  • Now their investigations show that there are more problems than anticipated on your system
  • They may also unaware to you download malware onto your computer!

And what happens next?

They need a fee from you to fix the problem that they’ve just created for you. ┬áIf you’re really unfortunate they’ll collect the money and continue to steal from you through the malware they’ve just downloaded to you.

So how do you avoid it?

Microsoft, or indeed any other company like them do not make random phone calls to fix problems for their users. Unless you have specifically made contact with a service centre based on a problem you as a user have encountered, your best option is to simply end the call.

Or alternatively ask for their number to call them back, chances are they’ll end the call for you.



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